Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Circus Music on Itunes

A friend of mine (Peter Bufano) has a Circus Band called Cirkestra. They are really fantastic-- if you are looking for some great circus music, Cirkestra is a good bet.

Find out more about Cirkestra at their website.


Cirkestra - Cirkestra

Cirkestra - Alice

Cirkestra - Pinocchio

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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Red Hook Waterfront Festival Performance June 2

The Theatre Museum & the Waterfront Museum will present
A unique exhibition extolling the glory of the American showboat

The exhibition which will run through December will have a grand opening on Saturday, June 2, 2007 from noon to 6 pm on board the Showboat Barge (at the foot of Conover Street in Red Hook, Brooklyn) The opening is in conjunction with the Red Hook Waterfront Festival.

Artists of exceptional ability will perform at the opening (entitled AHOY THERE!)
Performances include acrobatic fleas, a yodeling ukelele, butoh dance, and a whole lot more (See the performance schedule below)

Admission: Donations requested

Hosted by vaudeville scholar and performer Trav S.D. with Officer Crabtree

12:00 noon Moira Stone sings selections from "Show Boat"
(accompanied by Whitney Gardner)
12:30 Steve the Whistler America's premier whistling entertainer
1:00 Acme Miniature Flea Circus
1:30 Sorcha Dorcha Celtic folk music ensemble
2:00 Uke Jackson (ukulele player, singer)
2:30 Nellie Tinder (country operetta)
2:45 Kate Magram (acrobalance)
3:00 Mr. Patrick (story teller)
3:30 Kathrine Adamenko (butoh dancer)
4:00 Scottie Davis of the Salt and Pepper Mime Company (mime and song)
4:30 Maestrocities (clown band)

Questions? Visit:
or http://www.ttmnyc.org

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Friday, May 25, 2007

Circus Fiction

I was recently asked about Circus Fiction, so I thought I'd give a couple of recommendations. These should get you started.

Amanda Davis's Wonder When You'll Miss Me
Amazon Link
Amanda toured with the Bindlestiff's when I toured with them (in 1998)
She wrote this novel (her first, and sadly her last) after that. It's about a young troubled girl who runs away to join the circus.

Amanda was killed in a tragic plane crash along with her parents on the way to a book signing in North Carolina in 2003.
She was an up and coming young writer, and showed amazing promise. It's a real tragedy.

Katherine Dunn's Geek Love
Amazon Link
Great and classic book about a touring sideshow of self-made freaks and the religion/cult that develops about one of the performers. This is a book that consistently gets very high praise, and is consistently on the list of "Best Books About the Sideshow." HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Angela Carter's Nights At the Circus
Amazon Link
A book about turn of the century London turns into an epic love story between a cockney trapeze artist who may or may not have wings and the hotshot journalist that is set to debunk her as they tour the frozen steppes of Siberia. I was in a recent stage production of this, and the story and novel twist of this is astonishing and beautiful. It's a slightly long read and very narrative, but oh so worth it.

Search out More Books on Amazon that are circus fiction
Search out books on Amazon that are about clowns

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Scary Clowns

This is a small fun book of over 80 photographs of clowns in a slightly scary or macabre mode. Not all of them are scary, but enough to give those with coulrophobia (fear of clowns) a moment of pause. A fair amount of the photos are classic, but there's also a bunch of other photos that I hadn't seen before. It's definitely a great gift for the clown or clown collector among you. The center of the book has a very cool 3D pop up (pictured). I can recommend this book!

For a couple of scarier options, you might want to visit The Gallery of Scary Clowns A compilation of photographs of scary clowns (most seem to be from Cirque du Soleil.)

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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Video of the best flea circus in town!

Some great visuals of the flea circus-- originally shown as part of an interview on Philadelphia Television.