Wednesday, March 29, 2006

No Applause, Just Throw Money


NO APPLAUSE: JUST THROW MONEY: The Book That made Vaudeville Famous by Trav.S.D.

This book is a really fun irreverent look at the history of vaudeville by a performer, self-taught scholar, and personal friend of mine, Trav. S.D.

Trav takes us on a journey through the history of Vaudeville, and brings his performer’s perspective to the book. A lot of the facts of the book are the same as other books, but its his perspective as a current performer, and his sharp insights on the past and future of this form of entertainment, that make this book a must-have.

It’s well-written, it’s informative, it’s funny, it’s controversial, and it’s well worth reading.

I could tell you more about it, but you can hear it from the Educated Horse himself-- I recently conducted an interview/online conversation with Trav about the book, about vaudeville, and about a lot of other subjects on The WELL which is publicly readable: READ THE INTERVIEW FOR YOURSELF